What are our customers saying about Dr. Paul’s Piggy Paste®?

“Hello. One of our nurses asked if I would email you about what we think about Piggy Paste. We love it!! Shelly is our cosmetic concierge and is in charge of our products. She found your product and we think it is the best product on the market for toenail fungus. Patients also like it. We appreciate our partnership with you.”
Sandy Marchese Johnson MD, FAAD May 06, 2014
“I love this product! I’ve tried A LOT of things for years. I lost my big toe nail and for years it wouldn’t grow back. About 3 months. .. less than one tube and nice healthy nail grown back. A true blessing. Thank you for this product!”
Yani April 30, 2014
“The Dr. Paul’s Piggy Paste I purchased in 2013 lot #67030 works great! Thank you.”
Carol F. February 27, 2014
“Just wanted you to know this is one person who KNOWS your product works! I have tried several over the counter products for years but have had no luck and still had discolored, starting to deform toenails. I decided to give your “piggy paste” a try since I felt I had nothing to lose but a few dollars if it didn’t work. Imagine my surprise and pleasure when, after using it for several weeks as you instruct, I have actually started seeing clear, healthy pink toenails in the cuticle area. I have recommended this stuff to several people. Thanks Dr. Paul for making an actual working product!” August 21, 2013
“I have tried EVERYTHING since 2008, including my GP’s prescriptions to fix the problem with two toes. Your product is the only one that shows promise if used correctly. The fact that this product must soak into the nail material at the base of the nail is its key differentiator, in my opinion.” July 11, 2013
Piggy Paste is the BOMB!!!!! After contracting toenail fungus on my right big toe at a pedicure I was not a happy camper! I, like many others, tried over the counter & home remedies over the following several years, but to no avail…nothing worked. Then I heard of Dr.Paul’s Piggy Paste & decided to give it a try. To my happy amazement, the treatment worked! My nail grew out clear & once again attached to the nail bed! I’m a believer in Piggy Paste & have told othe fungal nail suffers about it. IT REALLY WORKS!!!!!!!!!!” May 18, 2013
“At first i was a bit skeptical about this product since I’ve tried just about everything! It took 3 months and oh my goodness does it work or what?!!! I LOVE this product!!! My nail was thick and yellow and now it looks like a normal nail!” May 8, 2013
“Please read my blog about using Piggy Paste”(http://anoceanofthoughts.blogspot.com/2013/05/piggies-to-be-more-specific-big-papa.html)…”Now the tube is gone. Am I pleased with the results? Yes. Is it perfect? No. I will never have a completely beautiful Papa Piggy but he is now manageable and I am definitely glad I purchased the product. THANKS Piggy Paste.” May 6, 2013
“My nails have been bad for over 20 years, and I have tried many products including some from doctors. Piggy Paste was the first to improve my situation. Thanks!” April 8, 2013
“Like all the others, I have tried everything out there for YEARS! Since using this now about 7 weeks, my fungus is finally starting to clear up. Really, really works! Highly recommend it.” March 21, 2013
“This is the only product that has done any good. I had toe nail fungus on my big left toe for YEARS and tried everything I heard about. Piggy Paste is the only product that has worked.” March 4, 2013
“Product worked great. My toenails were bad and embarrassing and now they are perfectly clear. Can’t wait to wear my sandals without my socks on to hide gross looking toenails.” January 25, 2013
“Product worked great. My toenails were bad and embarrassing and now they are perfectly clear. Can’t wait to wear my sandals without my socks on to hide gross looking toenails.” January 25, 2013
“It took longer than expected, but the big toe nail was tough – but I was patient and persistent and my toenail is clear now. This is first topical product that actually worked.” January 21, 2013
“This is the best product I have ever used. I have had a toenail infected for probably 20 years and had tried many other products. I was thinking of trying prescription or laser, but thought I’d give this a try.” January 18, 2013
“I work for a General Practice Physician that uses the product and recommends it to his patients. We keep an empty box in the office to show people what to look for in the store and give them a paper “ad” with the web address on it. I used Piggy Paste and saw a significant improvement.” January 18, 2013
“I used a blow dryer to dry the Piggy Paste on my nails and never used a bandage – and had a significant improvement after using the product.” January 17, 2013
“Absolutely phenomenal product!!!!!!!! Worth EVERY penny!!!” January 8, 2013
“I just wanted to rave about your product! It is the best thing ever! I have gone to the doctor for my fungal condition and the prescription medication is no where up to par with Piggy Paste!!!! I just wish the doctors were prescribing this to their patients, it sure would help them better. I am 73 years old and have had this condition for many many years. Thanks to Piggy Paste, my toe nails are now cleared up. Again, your product is WONDERFUL!.” Dec. 2, 2012
“Piggy Paste was my last resort after trying other over the counter products that all failed. Your product worked well when nothing else did. My doctor would not prescribe me medication for toenail fungus due to high blood pressure meds – he suggested soaking in 50/50 mixture of vinegar and water twice a day but this proved too time consuming.” September 5, 2012
“I can’t say ‘thank you’ enough! I thought I was going to have to do that laser thingy. I can’t believe the change in my toenail.” July 27, 2012
“This simple product did what 15 years of anti-fungal, nail creams, sprays, 3 podiatrists and 2 treatments of very expensive pills could not do. I started using Piggy Paste in September and by Christmas there was significant improvement. By spring I could wear sandals again.” August 8, 2012
“I have one more nail to try it on, but I’m waiting until Fall when I can hide the band aid because I’ll be wearing shoes instead of sandals. Thank you Dr. Paul.” August 6, 2012
“I saw an ad for Piggy Paste and bought it at my local Walgreens. After years of trying to rid myself of these ugly toenails, I was thrilled at the results. It has taken nearly 6 months for my toe nails to grow out looking normal. THANK YOU DR. PAUL.” July 24, 2012
“I am still hoping that Piggy Paste will eventually clear up my toenails completely. I have seen a big improvement and keep using it daily. All 10 of my toes were not pretty, I still have 4 to go.” July 22, 2012
“I have tried various products, all have failed with the exception of your product. Nice job.” July 9. 2012
“Thank you for making a product that works!” July 9. 2012
“I have been plagued with ugly thick toenails on my big toes. I just figured I was not one to wear flip flops or open toed shoes because I was embarrassed. I have tried many products over the years and nothing worked. I decided to try Piggy Paste, but at first I thought it was a bit pricey but if it worked it would be well worth it. I am thrilled to pieces as I have been faithful using it for nearly two months and I have nearly normal looking big toenails…I can see a pedicure in my near future. The results are worth the price of the product. Trust me…what a wonderful product that WORKS!!! Thank you so much Dr. Paul!” June 17, 2012
“Very impressed. My nails were black, yellow and nasty. I read about laser treatment-$1,500 with “possible improvement”. Then I read about Piggy Paste – purchased it, and the rest is history. My nails look great again. Thank you Dr. Paul.” June 1, 2012
“I am on my second tube of Piggy Paste. This was my last resort. I am using it on my two big toes and am seeing an improvement. My nails grow slow, but they are growing out clear, I have tried a lot of things, even the laser treatments for toe nail fungus, and that didn’t help and was quite costly. Thank you Dr. Paul for Piggy Paste.” May 25, 2012
“Works great – have recommended it to 6 people. My podiatrist was even impressed.” May 14, 2012
“I tried several liquid treatments for many years – No Results. After using your product for 4 months I see a marked improvement. I’ve currently stopped treatment and I’m allowing the nails to grow. I may have to start treatment again, but they are looking so much better.” May 11, 2012
“I loved it – after many years of trying different products I saw an ad for Piggy Paste and decided to use it. It started to clear up my big toe. I am more than 75% clear at this time.” May 11, 2012
“I did see improvement with the new growth in the nail. My nail growth is very slow and I anticipate to see more results in the future.” May 11, 2012
“Just purchased my 2nd tube of Piggy Paste, have been using it four months and my toenails are looking great. I can’t wait to wear sandals again. Thank you for a product that the results are as advertised.” April 17, 2012
“I used your product on both of my big toe nails. One tube for 2 1/2 months, and the results are nothing short of a miracle. I have had fungus so bad, that it has spread to my other nails as well. I’m waiting on a complete clear up of my big toe nails, and then I will apply it to my other nails. The results are so good, that I will finally purchase sandals, one pair in brown, and the other pair in black to go with my summer wardrobe. Dr. Paul, thank you, thank you, and one more thank you is definitely in order.” April 6, 2012
“I love this product. I have seen a great improvement in my toenails.” April 3, 2012
“My toes are the best shape they have been in for years.” April 2, 2012
“I had a really bad nail for 10 years and Piggy Paste cleared it completely in less than 3 months. I’m looking forward to wearing sandals this summer. Thank you, it’s a miracle.” April 2, 2012
“Unbelievable! I have been hiding my toes for years. After using Piggy Paste the difference is uncanny. I cannot wait to get the proper pedicure that I have been wanting for so long, but too embarrassed to get and put those summer sandals on. THANK YOU Dr. Paul!!” April 2, 2012
“I’ve been using Piggy Paste for about 10 months now with terrific success, the nails are nearly grown out finally. I never thought my toenails would be normal again!” March 27, 2012
“This stuff really works!! I’ve had a fungus for about 10 years on one toenail and it had spread to 2 other nails over the years. I’ve gone to every type of doctor (general practitioner, dermatologist, podiatrist) all to no avail. I have taken Lamisil, Penlac Nail Lacquer and Lotrimin, but nothing helped. I was ready to give up hope and just live with ugly toenails. Then I saw Piggy Paste on the shelf at Walgreens. The packaging and name caught my eye. So I picked it up and thought “how clever Piggy Paste for piggy toes.” I figured what have I got to lose and bought it and began using it immediately. My toenails are almost all clear now after using it every day for 2 months. I am thrilled!!! Just in time for summer and sandals.” March 5, 2012
“I have had embarrassing, ugly toenail color for years and had tried prescription topical gels with no improvement. My doctor told me she could give me an oral prescription but there was a chance it would harm my liver. I chose to not take it and have been covering my toenails with nail polish to disguise it. Then I checked into laser treatment and was quoted $250 per nail but was told there was no guarantee that it would even work. Then my doctor suggested trying Piggy Paste. I am so happy! I have been using it for about two months now and see an incredible difference! I’m getting married in May and now I will be able to get a pedicure and be pretty from head to toe! Thanks so much Dr. Paul for producing a product that actually does what it says it will do!” March 2,2012
“Tried a compounded medication then a prescription medication with not much improvement. Then I tried Piggy Paste and saw noticeable improvement relatively quickly. I went from about 2/3 of the nail covered with fungus to about 1/8 in one corner. It’s a lot less noticeable and saves me all that summertime embarrassment. Thank you, Dr. Paul, for providing me with a solution for improving my nail appearance.” February 18, 2012
“After using this product for about 3 weeks, I’m impressed! I saw results after just a few days. I have had this fungus for about 8 years and have tried every prescription and most over the counter products. I’ve also tried many, many home remedies with little to no result, except for the literally hundreds of dollars I have spent trying to be rid of this. I realize not every product works for everyone, but it seems this is the product for me. Thanks so much Dr. Paul for caring enough to invent this product. God bless you!” February 6, 2012
“I had my doubts but this stuff is incredible. Thank you Dr. Paul!!!” January 29, 2012
“I have lived with the embarrassment of a thick, yellow, ugly big toenail for 15 years. I tried 3 different rounds of prescription medicine, laser treatment which cost over $1,000, and several home remedies – with no luck. Two months ago, I reluctantly shelled out the $29.99 for Piggy Paste. After one month of use, I still wasn’t sure, but I kept applying it faithfully and now I am elated to see that my nail is definitely clearing up! I can’t wait for summer when I can finally wear open toed shoes and even go barefoot for the first time in over a decade! Thanks Piggy Paste!” 1/9/12
“I can’t believe that this product worked on my nails, a miracle in a small tube that made my toe nails presentable.” December 30, 2011
“I’m 82 year old male and I have had thick splitting nails for a number of years. Piggy Paste is giving me great improvement. It really works as advertised in a relatively short time.” December 29, 2011
“Love this stuff…My father uses it also..he is thrilled with the results.” December 2, 2011
“This stuff REALLY works- my toe nails were horrible from years of running and doing 60 mile walks for breast cancer – I can’t believe how good they look now.” November 14, 2011
“Piggy Paste! Wow! I am so happy that I found you! This is far and above, the best cosmetic repair kit there is! When your toenails aren’t presentable to be able to wear sandals, you feel just like 1/2 of a person – wearing old person shoes, when you could be wearing beautiful sandals. I thought I would never have beautiful feet again, and now, I feel like I have been to the fountain of youth! I have told so many people about this product. Thank you so much Dr. Paul.” November 10, 2011
“I am amazed at how well this product has worked… I have tried many products with no results. Thank you Dr. Paul for developing this product. My one nail was pretty bad and it is clearing each day.” November 7, 2011
“After using Piggy Paste for 5 months, my nails are almost back to normal.” November 2, 2011
“I bought Piggy Paste in September in Illinois. This stuff WORKS!!!! Well worth the $30.” November 1, 2011
“I plan on using Piggy Paste regularly. The nails are no longer thick and discolored. Both large toes were in BAD shape. They look fine now…. GOOD product” October 3, 2011
“I have had ugly toenails for 7-8 years and had tried a lot of different products – without results. After diligently using the Piggy Paste, my nails are growing out and look SO much better. I’m hoping the results will last and I can soon get my first pedicure!” October 2, 2011
“I think the product is wonderful – I could not believe the great results, I have shared my great experience and would recommend Piggy Paste to anyone.” October 1, 2011
“Thank you..Thank you..Thank you.. Desperate…I went to the MD to have both my toenails removed having appearance problems for several years. He recommended trying Piggy Paste first….after using it only one month I can see a drastic improvement….I am a nurse and I’ve seen tons of toenails in my lifetime…believe me this stuff works!!!!” August 22, 2011
“I want to say how happy I am with your product Dr. Paul. I’m on my third tube of Piggy Paste and have been using it since last December. I had developed yellowed, ridged and thick toenails on both my left and right “big toes” over the past ten years. Since using Piggy Paste, I’ve had seen a significant improvement, and the new toenail growth is clear and moving up. I kept cutting off the old ugly nail at the top, and I will continue to use the Piggy Paste until my nails are totally clear again.” August 20, 2011
“After only a month’s use, Piggy Paste has made a big difference in the appearance of my toe nails. I have lived with this for over a decade, and it is one of the few products I have ever used that seems to be live up to its advertising claim of “improving toenail appearance”. Thank you Dr. Paul!” August 2, 2011
“After 4 1/2 months of use, about half of my nail is now clear. My doctor is surprised and impressed with the improvement in the toenail of my great toe. If my progress continues, I believe that she will recommend Piggy Paste to other patients.” July 5, 2011
“My great toe nails have not grown all the way out yet. I thought I would keep using the paste until growth is complete. Love the name of the product.” July 5, 2011
“I have been using Piggy Paste for over 4 months and have seen significant improvement. I believe that I will have great results once the nail completely grows out.” July 4, 2011
“My toe nail has never looked this good in about 40 years! Thank you. Will continue using.” May 4, 2011
“This product is amazing!! I have seen the most improvement in the 3 weeks I’ve been using this paste! If this continues to work, I think I’ll be able to make an appt for a pedicure in another 6 weeks. I’ve missed that luxury sooo much!” April 27, 2011
“I have been using your product for a couple of months now. I have tried several products and none of them did anything to help. These nails were thick, discolored, and unsightly……. gross! It has been embarrassing to me to have this condition, probably more so, because I am a registered nurse. I felt I was doomed to have to live with this the rest of my life! Since using Piggy Paste I am seeing so much improvement in the appearance of my nails and it hasn’t even been 3 months yet! I just can’t believe how much better they look. It’s amazing! Thank you, Dr. Paul for creating this product!” Mar 5, 2011
“It is a wonderful product. I also appreciate the free shipping. Thank you for creating a product that now makes me not worrying about my toe while I go on a cruise this spring.” Feb 21, 2011
“Thank you, Dr. Paul for coming up with a simple solution to a very ugly problem!” Feb 2, 2011
“It is a good product. I intend to buy another tube.” Feb 1, 2011
“I would love to give a testimonial for do a commercial for Piggy Paste. I am a believer.” Jan 28, 2011
“Great product. I have recommended it to family and friends, even a close friend who is a podiatrist.” Jan 28, 2011
“I have recommended this product to others in this area.” Jan 27, 2011
“I liked the product and had intended to order another tube at some point. It really did make a difference in my toenails.” Jan 27, 2011
“I am very optimistic about this product – so far very thrilled, looking better in 3 weeks, thanks so much for producing this!!!!! ” Jan 27, 2011
“I have been very happy with Dr. Paul’s Piggy Paste. Although I stated that I retreated three of the four nails, they all had significantly improved after the first 12 weeks of treatment.” Jan 27, 2011
“I had tried many other treatments with little or no success. The Piggy Paste got my disgusting toe back to the point where I can hang out at the pool and wear sandals. My toe still is not perfect, but it is 100 times better than it was. I’ve already recommended it to my family and friends.” Jan 27, 2011
“I’m a physician and I recommend it to my patients and colleagues.” Jan 27, 2011
“I told the pharmacist at Hyvee in Macomb that this does work. I want others to know it isn’t just a gimmick. I am looking forward to wearing sandals without nail polish next summer.” Jan 27, 2011
“I work at a general practice doctor’s office and have recommended it many times.” Jan 26, 2011
“Product worked as advertised.” Jan 26, 2011
“My wife and children used to comment on how ugly my feet looked. Now, my wife says my feet look so good she could almost kiss them!” Dec 1, 2010
“Thank you so much for this wonderful product…I had tried so many other products and none with the results I had with Piggy Paste! I am a believer and will pass it on to my friends.” Nov 28, 2010
“I was so impressed with the product I bought some for my mother.” Nov 25, 2010
“A store clerk recommended Piggy Paste, saying how great it worked for a relative. I have never used a product that worked so well, and I continue to use it to keep my nails looking good.” Nov 23, 2010
“I was very satisfied with this product. It did everything it said it would.” Nov 22, 2010
“In just two months, I began to see some improvement and after five months, it was dramatic – both nails were nearly clear.” Nov 21, 2010
If you have feedback about Piggy Paste, we want to hear from you! – Dr. Paul

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