Helpful tips from our customers

  • “I used a blow dryer to dry the Piggy Paste on my nails and never used a bandage – and had a significant improvement after using the product.”
  • “I find that using Band Aids can be expensive. In my case it is 3/day. To resolve that problem, I buy large squares of gauze and paper tape. Cut small squares enough to cover the area, use a cotton swab to apply it and get it to the correct location without using too much, then take a pc of tape and cover it. Two hours later, take it off, and it will be a lot less expensive to use.”
  • “The Piggy Paste Gel was causing redness and irritation – but the suggestion of keeping the bandages on for only two hours each day solved the problem.”
  • “The flip top cap on Piggy Paste can make it difficult to apply the product. I have found that if you simply unscrew the flip top cap, it is much easier to apply the Piggy Paste directly to your toenail.”
  • “I used bandages with my Piggy Paste for about a month, but it took a lot of time unwrapping them each evening. My pharmacist suggested that I try a waterproof tape made by Nexcare™. I tried it and it worked great. Just tear off a small piece of the tape and apply. It was also very easy to remove.” (Click here for more information)
  • “I was having trouble closing the lid of the Piggy Paste tube. It often didn’t seem to snap shut. I found that if I pushed down on the very middle of the cap top with my finger or thumb, it snapped shut very easily.”
  • “I found that if I stored the Piggy Paste tube on its flip top end, the gel would always be at the tip and ready to apply.”
If you have suggestions on using Piggy Paste,we want to hear from you! – Dr. Paul

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