The Story of Dr. Paul’s Piggy Paste®

Dr.PaulWhen it comes to terrifying toenails, Dr. Paul’s Piggy Paste is just what the doctor ordered. Paul Kinsinger, MD of Washington, Illinois is the mastermind behind Dr. Paul’s Piggy Paste, a product that revolutionizes the age-old problem of unsightly toenails caused by toenail fungus. (Read review article on Dr. Paul – “Doctor on solid footing by addressing health need”).

The Illinois native developed the idea for Piggy Paste to meet demands from patients who came to him with questions regarding embarrassing and unsightly toenails. “I knew from medical school that you could soak your toenails in white vinegar and water to improve the appearance of toenails affected by toenail fungus” Kinsinger said. “But guess what? Most people won’t do that. It’s messy and it’s time consuming. Even though TV’s famous Dr. Oz has proclaimed the virtues of daily 20-minute soaks in vinegar (acetic acid) and water for toenail fungus, most people just don’t have the time and patience to do this,” says Kinsinger.

Kinsinger took it upon himself to develop a more efficient alternative to this home remedy. With the goal of developing a cosmetic product that improved toenail appearance, Kinsinger worked with a local compounding pharmacist. They put together a product that contains acetic acid (vinegar) and thymol in an easy-to-use gel. With once-a-day applications of Piggy Paste, people could cut time and cleanup from the traditional vinegar toenail regimen – a huge advantage for today’s busy world.

After seeing successful results in improving the toenail appearance due to toenail fungus in his own practice, Kinsinger decided to sell Piggy Paste to local stores in the Peoria area in early 2010.

Walgreens put Piggy Paste in over 250 stores in the St. Louis and central Missouri and central Illinois area stores in April 2011. Based on the success of the product selling there, Walgreens gave the thumbs up to put Piggy Paste in over 7,500 of their stores across the U.S. in October 2011.

While Piggy Paste is a fun and lighthearted name, there’s no denying that the moniker has brought attention to a not so fun, largely unspoken and fairly common problem – unsightly toenails. And now that Piggy Paste is available in Walgreens stores nationwide, more people will be proud to bare their feet while out in public.

Paul Kinsinger, M.D. is a Board Certified Family Physician who practices at Illini Family Medicine in Washington, Illinois. He co-founded the family medical practice with his brother, Lee Kinsinger, M.D. in 1991. His practice ranges from seeing patients in his clinic to being co-medical director of the Hospice program at Methodist Medical Center in Peoria, Illinois. His life priorities are his Christian faith, his wife and his children.

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